If you've made the decision to take PrEP, we want to make sure you continue to get the information and support you need to use it effectively.


REMEMBER - PrEP reduces your risk of HIV infection, but it does not provide protection from other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). If you are taking PrEP, make sure you are screened (and treated) for STDs regularly, and call your provider if you have any signs or symptoms of a sexually transmitted infection, including: discharge from the penis; burning on urination; or sores on or around the penis or anus. Check out these links for more information:

If you are a SPARK participant and you have...
Questions about side effects or other medical concerns - call Callen-Lorde at 212-271-7200
Questions about pills, pill-taking, or other study issues - call SPARK at 212-271-7242

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