Hart NEws and Press

This page includes coverage of our work in the media, and includes lab news about recently published papers, new studies, and other events. Have you seen coverage of something relating to our work that you think we should read? Contact us!


The Advocate

PrEP Conspiracies and Stigma are Killing Us

Read the commentary about HART's research on PrEP stereotypes (Golub et al., 2017) in Zachary Zane's piece on the importance of overcoming PrEP stigma. 


The Atlantic Magazine

What Quarantine Feels Like

Read Dr. Golub's comments about illness and identity in Michele Lent Hirsch's piece on the psychological impact of quarantine for patients.


CNN Health

Can This Pill End the HIV Epidemic?

Read Dr. Golub's comments on the ways in which PrEP changes the psychology of sex in Ben Tinker's article about PrEP implementation and its impact.