The Hunter HIV/AIDS Research Team (HART) was founded and is directed by Dr. Sarit Golub. Our mission is to conduct interdisciplinary, community-based research on all aspects of sexuality, sexual identity/orientation, gender identity, and sexual health with a specific focus on the individual, community, and structural level factors that contribute to sexual risk taking and HIV acquisition.  

Our work seeks to better understand the dynamics and determinants of HIV-related risk-reduction and health promotion behaviors to identify innovative strategies to inform interventions and decrease the health disparities experienced by sexual and gender minorities.  We conduct research that is grounded in science and translatable to policy and practice.  HART is committed to research, advocacy and service designed to have a positive impact on the HIV epidemic and the communities infected and affected by HIV.  

Central to our mission is engaging and inspiring the next generation of HIV researchers and practitioners. We train doctoral and post-doctoral students and run an internship program for undergraduate students. In addition, we conduct trainings on a range of topics and provide technical assistance to community-based organizations, city and state health departments both locally and nationally.